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InaHarbor, LLC (InaHarbor) is an Alaska Native 8(a) joint venture between Nash Harbor Solutions, LLC (NHS) and Inalab Consulting, Inc (Inalab).

Cloud Migration

Our AWS Certified Cloud Engineers are experts in moving mission applications into the Cloud. We work in GOV CloudOne to quickly “Lift n Shift” and bring the modern-day advantages of “Cloud Native” functionality to legacy applications.

Application Modernization

Upgrade legacy systems to boost efficiency, security, and innovation. Our engineers deliver agile, cost-effective solutions for tomorrow’s governance. Join the digital revolution today!


We are know AGILE and SAFe development practices, and bring this advantages to our government clients on Day One achieving over a 40% costs savings using DevSecOps best practices.

Acquisition Lifecycle Management

Revolutionize government procurement with our cutting-edge Acquisition Lifecycle Management solution! Streamline processes, optimize budgets, and ensure mission success with unparalleled efficiency and compliance. Transform the way you acquire today!

Data Science

Our engineers do everything from Data Analytics to the latest AI technologies to legacy data administration.  We are involved with some of todays’s top projects in Data Science!

Cyber Security

Protect your government agency from cyber threats with our expert team of cyber security contractors. Trust us to safeguard your sensitive data and infrastructure with cutting-edge technology and extensive experience in the field. Contact us now to learn more.


InaHarbor Advantage

InaHarbor has an outstanding record of supporting Defense and non-Defense Federal agencies with the full range of management services and operations

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